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Frogwell Fings - June 2010


Boss thinks he is the lone ranger he has somehow got himself a lone horse called Jack, the only problem is Jack doesnít seem to like us pigs, we cant wait until he is bucked off, his riding ability is a steady plod, anything faster and he gets off backwards.

Boss has been in our field with a 3 ton swing shovel clearing the docks that are shorting out our electrics, he did my compound yesterday and he doesnít want me getting to Bert who is five compounds away, I saw him test it by holding it as usual the was blue, he should have asked me, it really hurts and I wont go near it even when its off.


Anyway this Jack is 16 hands whatever that means I know its high because we can see boss trying to get on to the saddle, I think he needs a ladder. Boss is a source of amusement to us pigs. Us pigs the other day all decided we would lift the main gate off its hinges and have a wander around pig valley creating havoc, he was not amused when he came up, we had only made a bit of a mess and its his own fault for not putting the top hinge on upside down that would have stopped us, he has done it now and we cant budge it. Some of my first wives are coming to the end of their working lives, evidently as they get older they have less and less piglets in each litter. Boss seems hard but we all know deep down hi is fond of his pigs even though we do make his life hell so when the time comes he will be upset, but compared to the awful lives commercial pigs have we have complete luxury, lashings of barely straw, deep muddy oozing wallows to roll in, loads of grass and weeds to munch and twice a day the old man struggles up with our pellets.




Animal Arks Pig in wallow


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