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Manufacturers and suppliers of high quality arks, houses, field shelters and other customised buildings for a wide range of stock.

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Poultry Houses:

Dual Purpose Eko Livestock Hut
4ft x 4ft Eco Hut
Poultry Starter Kit
Eglu Go
Eglu Go Up
Eco Chicken House
Eco Chicken Barn/ Wagon
Eco Goose/Duck House
ECO Small Livestock Ark
Eco Chicken Loft
Eco Chicken Lodge
Chicken Runs
Chicken Ark
The Wye 4 Bird
The Severn 8-12 Bird
The Mersey
The Lynher (up to 6 birds)
The Exe (8-10 Birds)
The Ottery (up to 8 birds)
The Tavy (up to 8 birds)
The Tamar (up to 15 birds)
The Camel (up to 20 birds)
The Fal (up to 30 birds)
The Plym (up to 50 birds)
Duck or Goose House
Chicken, Poultry or Hen Shelter
Triangle Plywood 18mm

At Animal Arks we aim to offer the highest quality products at a price which is affordable. All of our units are of traditional construction, in other words 'we don't cut corners'. All units are hand built and hand finished in the time honoured tradition of 'British Craftsmanship'.

Our staff have many years experience in the manufacture of timber frame products. This experience allows us to design products that are both practical and cost effective without sacrificing quality, strength and the birds requirements.

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Agents for Hotline electric fencing
Agents for Hotline electric fencing

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Agents for Carbery Plastic Arks
Agents for Carbery Plastic Arks
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