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Manufacturers and suppliers of high quality arks, houses, field shelters and other customised buildings for a wide range of stock.

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Essential Items - JFC Quality Plastic Products

JFC supply us with a fantastic range of products including specialised drinking troughs Some are insulated to cater for - 40'o, Feeding equipment 1/2 Ton or 1 Ton Meal bins, Cattle and Sheep Foot Baths, Equine equipment, Wall mangers, Mineral Lick holders, Horse Play Balls, Tack Boxes, A.T.V Tipping Trailers, Wheel Barrows, Feed Carts and much much more.......

Click here to visit JFC Website , we willl then give you the best possible price on any items you need.

Animal Arks Animal Arks Animal Arks Animal Arks
     AVT-CBS                               TWB-G                                      TWB-500                                            TOT2 
ATV Carrier Boxes               2 Wheel Barrow                 2 Wheel Tipping Bedding Barrow     Wall Mounted Tip over Trough

Animal Arks Animal Arks Animal Arks Animal Arks
          SD250                                     MLC01                                         ID80                                               FT6                   
  Sheep Dipping Tub                 Mineral Lick Holder            Double Ball Insulated Trough                    Ground Feeder

Animal Arks Animal Arks Animal Arks Animal Arks
                    FB5                                                     FB2                                        EQ8                                DT27
         Sheep Footbath                                  Cattle Footbath                            Tack Box                   Corner Water Trough

Animal Arks Animal Arks      Animal Arks Animal Arks
            CMB1                                  CCF-C                                            ATV-250                                  TWB-250
Half Tonne Meal Bin           3 in 1 Calf Creep Feeder                  2 Wheel Tipping Trailer                2 Wheel Tipping Barrow
with lockable lid




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Agents for Hotline electric fencing
Agents for Hotline electric fencing

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Agents for Carbery Plastic Arks
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