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Pig Arks - Self Assembly Ark

The products listed in the table below may be purchased individually online via this website for delivery to UK Mainland Only - for Scottish Highlands, Isle of Wight, Channel Islands and other regions please contact us

For multiple orders, please contact us for the best price.

(excl VAT)
(incl VAT)
8ft x 8ft Farrowing Ark (Special Offer)8ft x 8ft Farrowing Ark   £780.00 £936.00 Buy
Self Assembly Ark8ft x 4ft Without floor   £400.83 £481.00 Buy
Self Assembly Ark8ft x 4ft with floor   £475.83 £571.00 Buy
Self Assembly Ark8ft x 6ft without floor   £477.50 £573.00 Buy
Self Assembly Ark8ft x 6ft with floor   £600.00 £720.00 Buy
Self Assembly Ark8ft x 8ft without floor (Suitable size for a sow and litter)   £582.50 £699.00 Buy
Self Assembly Ark8ft x 8ft with floor (Suitable size for a sow and litter)   £705.83 £847.00 Buy
Self Assembly Ark8ft x 10ft without floor   £687.00 £824.40 Buy
Self Assembly Ark8ft x 10ft with floor   £832.50 £999.00 Buy
Self Assembly Ark8ft x 12ft without floor   £780.00 £936.00 Buy
Self Assembly Ark8ft x 12ft with floor   £900.00 £1,080.00 Buy

We recognise that the majority of our customers are practical people and to this end we supply a range of self assembly arks that are designed to transport easily throughout the country and therefore save our customers money on both haulage and the labour to assemble.

The most important fact is that we supply you with top quality materials, all professionally cut to size, ready for you to assemble. Our specifications far exceed many of our rivals, for example all of the purlins on our larger Arks used to hold the half round galvanised sheets are 100mm x 50mm (4in x2in) not 75mm x 50mm (3in x 2in) as our competitors use. We supply exterior grade machine screws to fix through the exterior grade plywood fronts and backs.

Also exterior grade 18mm wizard Plywood ends, PEFC sourced from environmentally managed forests. Every single fixing is guaranteed exterior grade quality.

Do you like breaking your back with a fixed floor ? We have the answer, all our arks detach from the floor for thorough easy cleaning and moving. Our floors are really heavy duty. sawn non slip board and come complete with tow chains so they can be moved easily. 

Animal Arks Self Assembly Ark 

"Just to let you know that the ark arrived safely last wednesday we put it up wednesday night (although your 30 mins is rather optimistic for someone unfamiliar with the the parts) - it took us 3 hours with the designated tea breaks. It is a brilliant ark though - very sturdy and solid. I must say, cosy too! We've sat inside it (don't ask why). 
I wouldn't go as far as saying that the dogs love it as they would rather be in their large comfy beds in the kitchen, but when shut outside they certainly make a beeline for their 2nd beds inside the ark. 
We've got some 'in progress' and 'finished' photos if you need any for customer comments on your website.
Thanks for a brilliant product and service
"Hello Caroline and the Animal Arks Team
Just to let you know that the pig ark was delivered this afternoon. 
We would like to thank you for your prompt and reliable service.
Kind Regards
Christine & Paul"

"Sorry, forgot to say a big thanks for such great service.  Canít believe that I ordered one day and the ark arrived fully assembled to us the next Ė fantastic!

"I would just like to send to you my gratitude for not only saving me from being defrauded by-you know whom,but for assisting me all the way,offering Real customer service!The courier whom delivered was incredibly helpful too-so I gave him a couple of dozen organic free range eggs ;-) I wish I could send you some too! This has probably been the best internet experience I have had in 12 years-of buying on the net-so that makes you-The best of the best and I really cannot Thank you enough."
All my very best wishes to you all,you are wonderful :)
Please feel free to contact us for any advice or help in pigkeeping we have included a section on space standards on this site,these are compiled by freedom foods not us-but we do know from sheer experience how many goats-pigs-sheep etc fit into our arks.

Ark Construction

The ark being shown constructed is a double door farrowing ark.

Step 1
Panels are pre-marked by us ready for fixing.

It really helps if you have a reasonably level site, two people and a good cordless drill.

If you have ordered a rear door it will come fitted please note our hinges and bolts are solid galvanised, if you are offered an ark with black fittings these are cheap and nasty and just will NOT last.

 Animal Arks Self assembly ark

Step 2
Sheets are pre marked for purlins.

We do everything to make the assembly as easy as possible for you.

 Animal Arks Self Assembly Ark

Step 3
Heavy duty machine screw fixings.

We supply the bit in the pack to fit these superior hex head exterior screws.

Try to put the screws in at a slight angle to achieve a dovetail effect for maximum strength.

 Animal Arks Self Assembly Ark

Step 4
3x2 bottom rail is already fixed by us to the inside of the bottom plywood end panel.

This timber is to brace the inside of the plywood panels at ground level.


 Animal Arks Self Assembly Ark

Step 5
Assembly in progress - fix top purlin first.

 Animal Arks Self Assembly Ark
Step 6
Fix middle purlins next followed by the bottom ones.
 Animal Arks Self Assembly Ark
Step 7
Assembly now complete and ready for roof sheets.
 Animal Arks Self Assembly Ark

Step 8
Door is fitted in end of farrowing ark for access to the litter on this model.

We fit the door in the ark panel no further work needed from you-Note the high quality heavy duty galvanised tee hinges and bolt. (NOT CHEAP AND NASTY BLACK JAPANED)

On normal standard arks doors and rails do not apply.



 Animal Arks Self Assembly Ark

Step 9
Door assembly showing stops in position.

Having a rear door in a farrowing ark enables you to put a hurdle across and form a rear creep area so you can feed the piglets at a young age without the sow getting to them.

 Animal Arks Self Assembly Ark
Step 10
This picture shows our optional farrowing rail.
 Animal Arks Self Assembly Ark

Step 11
First sheet fitted - screw at the top first then push and pull the sheet and ply so you have an even overhang then fix centres and bottom.


 Animal Arks Self Assembly Ark
Step 12
Make a start hole with a nail for the screw - this must be in the valley and screwed in tight enough for the neoprene washer to take.
 Animal Arks Self Assembly Ark

Step 13
Our Farrowing Ark is now completed - with optional rails and floor. The double door system now comes as standard.

People ask how long our arks will last. All our timbers are tanalised. If you take the time and trouble to flip the ark on its back once a year and treat the base timbers in contact with the ground, you will probably prolong the life indefinitely. You could also if you wish apply preservative to the plywood panels every year to prolong thier life.

 Animal Arks Self Assembly Ark


Floor Pack Assembly
Your heavy duty floor pack is all premarked - all the runners and two boards.

Space out the runners to line up with the marks on the boards and fix the first board to the runners at these marks.

The centre runner will not project much at the door opening to avoid the risk of the pig twisting its ankle as it exits the ark.

Fix the second marked floorboard with temporary nails that can be withdrawn at the end.

Then fix all the boards using two nails per plank.

Finally withdraw the temporary fixed board and properly nail that in place.

The second runner in from each side is pre drilled to take the tow chains we supply-we advise the chains are left off the ark until you wish to move it.


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