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Frogwell Fings - February 2008

Hi, my nameís Fred. I am the main man at West Frogwell Farm - I am the farms main stock boar. I am a three years old Stockbroker bloodline Pedigree British Saddleback.

Now boss says I have been on the telly ĎRiver Cottage Programmeí with Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall. I was owned then by Peggy Darville - boss says she is a brilliant saddleback breeder. I donít remember any of this as I was to busy trying to get to those back teats.

Animal ArksStockbroker boar (Fred) 

Better say a few words about the farm and the boss. We all moved to this 50 acre farm about four years ago, thatís me and my ten wives, the boss Phil and his wife Caroline. She is nice, sometimes when boss isnít here, out delivering arks, she feeds up and us always get extra those nights and a good old head scratch too.


Animal ArksThe piggery at West Frogwell Farm 

 When we came here there was nothing except for an old run down piggery. Boss took a flyer on that, he should have demolished it completely and started again but he said if he did that the Council wouldnít allow him to rebuild it. So he had it jacked up and rebuilt every wall individually.

By this time the councilís enforcement officer was well involved, telling him to stop work and send in plans. But boss pressed on, got the roof on and then put in for this thing called planning permission.


Boss says he made sure we were alright before he got his own home sorted out. My house is brilliant. I have even have got one of those turf roofs. Before he did my roof, when I had a few of my wives in, condensation used to pour onto me. 

Boss is quite clever (not a patch on me !!), he got some old insulation, put that on the metal roof sheets, covered it with that shelterflex waterproof sheeting, then put a 6Ē layer of old rain damaged hay and then threw some grass seed over. I am really snug now and the wild birds love it. Boss says turf roof looks good but I canít see it !!

Animal ArksTurf roofed piggery 



Heard boss talking today about this planning permission malarkey, he says theyíve got a temporary permission for three years and theyíre having buildt a two bedroom log home. Evidently they had to get reports done that proved the farm can make an agricultural income for three years then they can apply for permission for a permanent house.



Us pigs donít have any of this nonsense, all our houses are on skids which makes them portable so no permission needed. Boss said he used that New Landowner crowd for the reports, he reckoned they were brilliant.


He reckons it also helped them selling my offspring through the farm shop they built. I donít like thinking about it but they say weíre a rare breed and, because we live outside, we taste delicious.

It isnít all my babies going through that shop. Boss goes through the litters when they are born and sorts out all the best girls and they get put into the breeding pens.

 Animal ArksDinah sow and litter


I never see them again cos boss has another boar down the other end called Bert and he ravages all my daughters and then boss sells them in pig. Iím waiting for a chance to get hold of that Bert one day, Iíll turn him into sausages. Problem is I have to get across five electric fences plus one barbed wire fence. Boss has done this on purpose, he reckons if we ever got together one of us would be shot.

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