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Frogwell Fings - April 2008

 Hello Fans, itís Fred here. You remember me Ė Iím the main man at West Frogwell Farm. Iím a handsome pedigree saddleback boar and I see and hear everything that happens here. Boss is full of the joys of spring I suppose because it bloody well is spring. I donít know why he was ranting last month about feed prices and I heard him say itís now gone up again to £215.00 per ton. He went on that netty thing on the computitator gadget and printed off 61 pages of alterative feedstuffs for us pigs. Iím quite lookin forward to a change from these pig nuts, but dear old chap he trudges up here twice a day 365 days a year with our grub - we all know whoís the fool !! I told a porky then (thatís a pig joke) - at Christmas he throws in a double bucket in the morning and we donít see him till next day - lazy bugger.   


Boss is lookin very pleased with himself, he has designed and built a mini ark for them kune kune pigs. I have never seen one of them yet but I have seen the ark, itís 6ft by 4ft but I couldnít get my head in it let alone the rest of me. Well I am over 7ft long anyway he reckons these arks will take two of my babies up to pork size and they are going to fly out cuz they is good value only £185.00, miles cheaper than the competition and he puts them together for that. I like it when he invents something new, he puts it in my field and I try to batter it, not really I just like a good scratch.

I tested one of those Irish Carbery arks last summer - lovely it was, I couldnít move it because he staked it down. Boss opened the rear flap in it to let some air in and me and one of me wives had a nice stay - bit wet outside though. Love watching him get his wellies stuck in the mud because he always feeds us in the arks when were in our summer fields. Donít know why he moves us all in the summer, he rabbits on about resting the land. How the hell can land rest, it doesnít do anything.

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Going back to food, I heard boss say he was going to sow sugar beet or stubble turnips for us in the paddocks weíve cleared and then weíre supposed to dig up our own dinners - not keen on that idea, sounds a bit like hard work !!!


Boss has sent his first delivery of arks over to France, and then next month two of my pedigree daughters and one of my sons is going across to yet another place in France - thatís another first !!


Boss put three of my girls in with that Carl boar Bert and he had his evil way with two of them within a week. Boss has got to get up at 4.30, the day when they collect the French exports, early breakfast that day ha ha !!

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