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Frogwell Fings - August 2008

Hi fans, Iím still alive and kicking. I apologise to my army of fans out on the world wide web for my absence but I need the boss to work the computitator gadget that he puts my words down on. Just one of my trotters would press about 30 keys at once !!

So much has happened in the last few months since boss lost his little sidekick. He was, and still is, pretty upset over it and evidently its all the fault of us pigs because Boss sold two of my daughters to some nice guys from France, and because they wanted an early start Boss let the blokes stay above the shop and to give them some peace he moved all the terriers in with that wolf cross Inuit dog.

Anyway she must have played to hard with the little ones because he found his girl dead at six in the morning.

He says to any of you out there who have had a similar loss, that time does heal  - and to anyone that thinks rubbish she was only a dog,  GET LOST !!

 Animal ArksWolf cross Inuit dog

I heard Boss and missus talking about if they ever retire, which is unlikely.

They are going to keep me and three of my special wives Spot, Best Gilt and Ivy till the end of our days.

Trust him to pick the ugly ones !!

 Animal ArksIvy

 Animal Arks Bert - Carl boar

BERT that Carl boar is going for sausages -  Ha Ha !!

It serves him right because in May he got out and he trampled right through the liner of the first conservation pond boss is putting in, Boss has tried to fix it by slapping more clay in and puddling it around and he has now heard of a product you can tip in the water and its supposed to react with the soil and form a chemical seal.

It will be ok as long as he keeps us pigs away from it.


I can see loads of trees being planted around the back of these new lakes, itís going to look really good, Us pigs like trees, it is the perfect environment for us I suppose Ė itís where our ancestors come from.

Boss is very jealous of anyone that can run their pigs out in woodlands but he does do his best for us. He makes us shade areas and wallows - not that we have needed that this year as I am trundling around hock deep in mud (I love it) and itís the middle of August heaven help boss in January !!!!

 Animal ArksDucks at West Frogwell Farm


Animal ArksRSPCA Good Business Wards 2008 Nominee  Because of the way Boss and Missus look after us so well, they have been short listed in the top three in the country for the RSPCA good business awards. He is smiling again !!!!


Back in June, we lost Boss for three days - he went off down the Royal Cornwall Show with all his pig arks. He camped on site and ended up sleeping in one of those plastic Carbery arks - he said they were brilliant and a lady from the Isle of White ordered six to use as camping shelters. (No planning permission them be movable he thinks but probably the planners would find some other reason to stop enterprise !!)


 Animal ArksIndian Runner ducks  

Anyway back at the farm we have some new additions. Boss bought some of the weirdest ducks (Indian Runners).


I saw them cross my field and they are comical and fast. I tried to catch one but I had no chance !!


Boss doesnít get on with livestock and ponds !! He made an ornamental pond up by the new log home and within two hours it was invaded by all the ducks. He didnít mind but his new water lilies did !!



I think he is close to giving up, as the rabbits have eaten all the lettuce from his new raised beds and the caterpillars all the cabbage !!!!


I know Iím not allowed to eat meat but every now and then the odd rabbit that the shooters have winged ends up in my field much to my enjoyment - yum yum !! I have never seen so many rabbits in all my life.


Evidently I have been too prolific, we have pigs coming out of our ears here, so Boss and missus are off to Holsworthy market with two trailers loads of pigs including that sow ďGrumpyĒ and her litter. I will be glad to see the back of her as she had the right name.

 Animal ArksOrnamental pond at West Frogwell Farm


Boss is now expanding his range of pork and sausages and they can deliver our farm produce anywhere in the country in an insulated box. He is also selling suckling pigs - evidently they are delicious, This is my offspring weíre talking about but I donít care, Iím in the lap of luxury.



Had an interesting afternoon last week watching boss running around the field like an idiot trying to fence train a pen of weaners,


He is an agent for Hotline Electric fencing and he sells it in his e-bay shop 1stanimalarks but as usual he tests everything on us.


I have had one strand of polywire around my pen for years and nothing on earth would make me touch it or even go near it - it bloody well hurts !!

 Animal ArksElectric fencing


But weaners, who boss calls bandits, who have never seen the stuff before have to be trained to know what it is and to do that, boss puts them in the pen with the electric fence line on and then stands on the outside of the pen with a hurdle and then encourages the little bandits to touch the fence with a bit of food.

If he wasnít standing on the outside blocking the route the bandits could touch the fence and hurtle forward destroying everything, he wants them to recoil and go backwards , he does this for about an hour and even though I say so myself my sons and daughters are very intelligent and after one or two little shocks they donít go near it.

Animal ArksGreen Multi Position Posts 


Boss supplied this electric fencing and an ark to a man in Devon who thought it would be a good idea to let this ugly ancient overweight Gloucester old spot boar into a newly fenced paddock without turning the electric on, needless to say this ugly creature went straight through the fence on into the woods dragging a trail of posts and polywire behind him.


He had ALREADY bounced a cheque on boss who still carried on helping the man and then had the cheek to say Hotline products donít work-They do when they are turned on !!!


Boss says that if anyone wants the name of the only bad debt the farm has ever had watch our south fields next spring because he is going to sow a crop spelling out his name that will be visible from Google earth (whatever that is, the only Earth I know is the stuff I eat !).


Got to go now - itís a very rare day, the sun is out and Iím going to have a kip before the evening feed. Bye for now.


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