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Frogwell Fings - March 2010

Boss has bought one of these cheapjack arks and I have given him permission to use the following space for his comments. I have never seem him so angry about how people can be conned. Listen to what boss has to say :-


We have been making and selling our pig arks for a number of years and we have always taken great care in the design and construction of our products using the most appropriate materials to ensure that our heavy duty arks will stand the test of time and give our customers many years of trouble free use.


We have noticed over the past few months an influx of arks onto the market that are being sold at below our production costs. We were puzzled by this as we buy our materials in huge quantities in order to get the best prices in order to sell our arks at competitive prices. In the light of this in December 09 we ordered and paid for one of these “cheapjack arks”. It eventually arrived in the middle of January and to be brutally honest we are appalled by the quality of the product.


We use ľ inch exterior grade plywood which is then given further protection by being tanalised and we then protect the door edges with metal to prevent damage by the pigs.


The cheapjack ark is made of ˝inch plywood and it is unbelievably flimsy. As we keep around twenty sows here we just know that it is just not going to stand the test of time of being used by pigs especially adults.




One of the most important components of ark construction is the fixings. If these fail or give way the ark is useless - all you will be left with is a carcase of pre bend sheets after the front has fallen out.


The fixing screws supplied with the “cheapjack kit” are not only half the size in length and thickness but, to add insult to injury, they only supplied half the quantity we would supply on an ark the same size.


The problem is that these “cheap arks” once constructed look very similar to our heavy duty arks and it is difficult for us to make our customers understand  that  whilst they may look the part they do not have the same quality long lasting materials that we use.


So in summary this is like comparing a skoda with a Rolls Royce. We know we are supplying a high quality product at a fair and reasonable price and we will NOT reduce our material specifications in order to compete with these low priced arks as we believe they just will not last.


We will be assembling the cheapjack ark and putting it in with an average pen of pigs and then time it before it starts to disintegrate.


Well he has got that out of his system. I think they are bringing that cheapjack ark to my field - I can't wait !!!


Bye for now and see you soon.


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